To who living in Taiwan

1.Booking must prepaid room's price of 50% deposit first

2.Within three days from the reservation date,Please use ATM fund transfer the deposit.If the holiday,can be extended ,otherwise overtime will not be reserved.

ATM transfer account

Bank code:007(First Bank of Pingtung County Branc)

Account number:741-68-013606

After Transfer,please tell us how much money you deposite and your last five yards of your account number. Please retain your voucher after transfer,For that future queries.

To who coming from Taiwan outside

Booking procedure is, please send an e-mail to confirm (please attach personal contact phone number, date of flight, And the need to transfer? (From Kaohsiung (a trip to 350 per person), or from the airport or THSR station to the B&B (a trip to 400 per person)),and please call us when you arrive in Taiwan,to reconfirm your reservation.